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Rev Up Your Designs: The Story of my Motorsport Graphic Design Journey

Hey there, fellow speed enthusiasts and design aficionados! I’m Tom, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to my brand new venture, where my love for motorsport and my passion for design come together.

Let me kick things off by telling you a bit about myself. I’m not just another graphic designer; I have a master’s degree in design, and I’ve also been immersed in the thrilling world of motorsport for some years. From the roar of the engines to the sleek curves of racing cars, I’ve been smitten since a young age.

So, why am I diving headfirst into the realm of motorsport graphic design? Well, as a former teacher, I’ve spent years educating young minds and shaping the future. While I loved my job, the demands of teaching left me longing for a new adventure. Enter my friend Miles over at MDM Designs. Our late-night discussions (and persisting nagging if I’m honest) were the catalyst I eventually needed. The time is now right for me to trade the chalkboard (althought they’re white and interactive now) for a digital canvas and take this leap of faith.

My journey into motorsport began at the tender age of 10, when I strapped on my helmet and hopped into a go-kart. What followed were years of exhilarating races around the UK.; I haven’t completely given up on the idea of being a racing driver – I still pretend from time-to-time and hit the track every now and then. But my involvement in motorsport extends beyond racing. I’ve worn many hats in the industry, from coaching aspiring racers to managing race venues and fine-tuning the mechanical marvels that grace the track.

Now, as I embark on this new venture, I couldn’t be more excited. The prospect of working with clients, building lasting relationships, and delivering high-quality, tailor-made designs together with both clients and fellow motorsport enthusiasts has me revving my creative engines; I’m looking forward to every twist and turn in this journey.

So, whether you’re a racing team in need of striking livery, a driver looking to make a statement, or someone with a unique motorsport-related project in mind, I’m here for you. Let’s team up and bring your creative vision to life. I can’t wait to get started, so feel free to get in touch. Let’s make your motorsport dreams a reality!

Stay tuned for more high-octane design adventures, and let’s hit the ground running. I’m revving up to take your projects to the finish line!

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Tom is your go-to guy for motorsport-inspired design. With a degree in design and a lifelong passion for racing, he’s ready to bring your creative vision to life. Get in touch today!